4 Storage Suggestions To Live Clutter-Free

With sports equipment, gardening tools, school projects, and other life necessities accumulating in your home, it is normal to start feeling overwhelmed. Finding simple ways to store all the sentimental and seasonal objects that take up space in your home can help relieve some of your stress. These are some storage suggestions that are easy to implement. 

1. Storage Units

Using a storage unit is a really convenient way to just remove some of the clutter from your home without throwing anything away. If you have bikes, boxes of sentimental objects, or other miscellaneous things that you are not ready to part with, you can also consider a trailer rental Pacific WA to hold your belongings for a short or long-term period.

2. Vertical Shelving

Whether you are building a cupboard or even just adding a few shelving ledges, utilizing an unused wall is a basic way to reduce clutter without creating a storage unit that, itself, takes up space. This is a fantastic storage method because you can store clutter away while also using the shelves to display art, books, and family photos.

3. Storage Bins

Storage bins are particularly helpful if you want to compartmentalize your clutter into categories. For example, your storage bins can be filled with sheets, pet food, and toys. If you use storage bins, you do not have to necessarily worry about detailed organization; instead, you can just toss items that belong in the same vague category together and then tuck the bins into your garage.

4. Drawers

These can be a fun and decorative way to keep your belongings in your house and out of sight! Drawers can be constructed under staircases and you can even find rolling drawers that can be hidden under your living room furniture or beds. 

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Sports Cars for Women

Think that fast hot rod is just for men? Think again. More women are getting behind the wheel of sports cars and loving it. Here are some great options for women who just want to drive.

Jaguar F-Type

You can’t go wrong with a Jag. It’s available as a coupe or convertible and with a turbocharged inline-four or V-6. The look is elegant, classy, and oh-so-British. Of course, the old adage is still somewhat true; that you can’t afford a Jag unless you can afford its repairs. But you can let import car repair Issaquah WA handle that and spend your time enjoying the road.

Aston Martin Vantage

Okay, so admittedly this car is for the woman with deep pockets, but what a car! The Mercedes-designed V8 delivers all the power you could want while the electronic controls offer perfect handling. And can we talk about the looks? The lines are long, low, and lean, and the grill is enough to scare anyone who sees it in the rear view mirror.

Volkswagen GTI

For anyone who needs something in a more realistic price range, and that’s most everyone these days, the GTI is a perfect little roadster. It can go from zero to sixty in under six seconds and still offer four doors and cargo room in the back. The handling is superb. Go ahead and take those corners faster than you might otherwise. This VW has got your back. 

Alfa Romeo 4C

There has to be an Italian car on this list, and Lambos are a tad unrealistic. This Alfa really delivers on performance. It’s a bit wild and unpredictable, but there’s such a joy in the responsiveness of the engine and the command you have over its power that any negatives are quickly brushed to the side.… Read More

4 Companies To Contact After a Car Accident

Following the first few minutes of stunned silence after a car accident occurs, you may begin to feel dizzy, angry, or light-headed. No matter what, stay calm and contact the four companies listed below.

1. Police Office

Call the police dispatch at 9-1-1 as soon as you find your phone. Ask everyone with you for injury details and relay the information to the officer on the line. Request an ambulance if there are accident injuries and an on-duty police officer to create an accident report.

2. Insurance Agent

After the accident, remember to phone your insurance agent. Report as many details as you can remember, including the accident scene investigation number. Your agent will want the name and insurance company of the other driver, too.

3. Repair Shop

Your insurance agent may recommend several auto repair shops for you to choose from, but it is often your choice which of the affordable auto glass service Portland OR companies you choose to work with. Notify your agent after you select a repair shop and remember to ask for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

4. Law Firm

Contact your attorney about the car accident when you get home. Your lawyer can help you find critical medical help and long-term therapy for your aches, pains, and twisted muscles. Your legal representative can also deal with both insurance agencies to make sure you get just compensation – and that your vehicle is correctly repaired.

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