Tips for Getting Top Dollar for Your Used Car

Have you decided it’s time to purchase a new car, upgrade your existing car or join the ranks of public transportation riders?  The used car market is a curious beast. Take these recommendations from the auto experts to tame your used car selling experience and get top dollar today. Prepare to spend a bit of time, energy and money to bring your car back as close to show room condition as possible.

Take the first step and clear the car of everything that wasn’t placed there by the manufacturer.  Trash, storage bins, toys and clothes should all be removed from the car. Leave the car or truck windows open for at least a day to remove any lingering odors. Remove all floor mats and either replace or shampoo as necessary. Power -vacuum the interior of the car.  Give special attention to the console box and console area. This space generally has the most activity and tends to accumulate crumbs and scraps of paper.  With a warm water and a mild detergent, use a soft cloth the clean all the seats, doors and floor boards. Again, give special attention to the dash and console area. Wipe the steering wheel clean. Shampoo the interior carpets as needed. Finally, shine all of the interior windows. If you’ve smoked or enjoyed cigars from  JR Cigars, your prospective buyer may not have the same taste – you’ll need to remove all cigar odors from the vehicle.

On the exterior, scrub the tires and hub cabs using an abrasive brush and strong detergent. Tire gloss sprays are available if needed. Light wash the exterior. Dry completely with large clean towels. Apply a coat of wax closely following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove all traces of wax with a clean, soft cloth. Buff according to wax manufacturer’s instructions. The final step on the exterior is to shine the windows.  Your car should now appear close to showroom condition.

Gather all repair and maintenance records as well as a clean title for the prospective buyer.  Take pictures of the vehicle interior and exterior and post these on one of many used car websites. Include the price, condition, make, model and mileage in the description area provided on the website. Indicate why you are selling the car. Arrange to meet buyers in a public space and leave word with a friend or family member for precaution. Best of luck to you!