3 Necessary Car Upkeep Tasks

Owning or leasing a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. It is great to have a car to run errands in or go back and forth to work in. However, if it is not maintained, problems can arise and become serious.

1. Tires

For some people, the only time they think about their tires is when one of them becomes flat. That can be dangerous, as bald tires can slip and slide on the road during bad weather. Check them once a month to make sure they are properly inflated and there are no nails or bent rims that can allow air to escape.

2. Oil

Oil lubricates the engine and keeps the internal parts from rubbing against each other and becoming damaged. Contaminants can enter the system and cause the oil to work less effectively. Different types of oil last for different amounts of time, so if a professional is changing the oil then go with their recommendation on the next change. If doing it alone, then follow the directions on the oil container. If the car is old and used and oil changes were not done, engine damage can be the result. Depending on the value of the car it may be cheaper to sell at junk yards in DC and purchase a new one.

3. Fluids

Other fluids are also important for the smooth operation of the vehicle. Windshield wiper fluid should be topped off regularly. Coolant levels, brake fluid and transmission fluid should be monitored. Just make sure that the car is cooled down so as not to get burned by any hot fluids or car parts when checking levels.

One way to keep on top of car maintenance tasks and not allow anything to slip under the radar is to read the manual. The car’s manual will list what needs to be done and when. Put reminders on a phone or on a calendar so that the car can be checked regularly.