How to Improve your Bikes Gas Mileage

Bikes allow you to be more connected to the road and nature than cars do. I love that liberating feeling of open-air on your face. Bikes are lighter, easy to maneuver through traffic, and amazingly fuel-efficient. Your motorcycle can go 20 to 60 miles per gallon depending on the size of your engine. Having worked in the motorcycle imports industry, I collected some tips to help you stretch your tank mileage further. Make these adjustments to your riding style and your bike and you won’t have to fill up the tank often. They are small changes that can make your bike last longer.

1.Inflate your tires

Low-pressure tires make your bike drag on the road consuming more fuel. You can check out the manufacturer’s manual to see the PSI your wheels need to remain inflated. And you can get yourself a gauge monitor to tell you when your tires are running low if you can’t tell by simply looking. But keep in mind over-inflation of tires will make them wear out quicker.

2.Ride at a steady speed

We all know how much fuel cars consume when they’re stuck in traffic. The same thing happens when you have to start and stop your bike. When possible choose the highways even if it’s longer. Avoid city roads because they windier and tend to have more traffic jams. Yes, it’s easy to wind through traffic on a bike but you’ll have to keep stopping like other motorists. The sudden acceleration and braking are what empties your fuel tank.

3. High-quality fuels

You may be super conscious about your spending and opt for the cheapest fuel available. This mostly happens if you live in a place where gas prices are above average. But your engine works so much better with the premium fuel option. It might be expensive to get but you’ll cover more miles before you have to fill your tank again. Cheap fuel can make your engine knock and valves bent so you’ll end up spending more money in the long run.

4.Schedule some maintenance

Just like a car, you’ve got to have your bike serviced regularly. With motorcycles, the engine gets dirty fast and leads to you spending so much more money on gas. If your bike’s power reduces, check your engine and clean it up. Change the air filters, fuel filter, and oil regularly so as to increase your bike’s fuel efficiency. Do the changing more often if you live in a polluted area. Maintenance is the key to make your bike last longer.