Pros and Cons of Popular Car Types

Buying a new or used car is a big purchase. You may have decided that you need a vehicle that is more fuel-efficient or has more seats. You may be downsizing or wanting to spend more time camping. Whatever your reasons, there are pros and cons to several popular styles of cars.


Everyone seems to be getting into the hybrid game, so if you like the idea of a super fuel-efficient car that can get up to 40 miles per gallon, this may be the vehicle for you. Hybrids come in several different styles from sedans to crossovers. Plug-in cars are slightly less reliable than their all-gas-powered brothers, so make sure you have a trusted foreign auto repair Marysville if you decide to go this route.


SUVs were originally built on truck beds giving them height and towing power. Newer models are lower to the ground, however, as consumers complained of a bumpy ride. Although often with lower ground clearance than their predecessors, SUVs offer plenty of passenger space, cargo room and off-road capabilities.


Crossovers have become quite popular recently. They can come with all the bells and whistles of a luxury sedan but with the passenger and cargo space of an SUV. Many people prefer the fuel-efficiency of a crossover although they tend to be smaller than a standard SUV.


Sedans are your classic family cars with four doors, plenty of power and a smooth ride. Newer models feature back-up cameras, Bluetooth capability and air-conditioned or heated seats. Buying a sedan says that you have really arrived in the grown-up world.


If you have no family or are an empty nester, a coupe might be the way to go. There is not much passenger or cargo room in these two-seaters, but they are fun to drive with their powerful engines and showy exterior.

Whichever car you ultimately choose, be sure to get routine maintenance completed on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This will keep your vehicle in great condition to drive for years or to trade in later.