Want to Modify the Used Car So It Looks New? This is the Way

There are many advantages to buying a used car, in addition to lower prices, used cars also do not experience significant price depreciation. However, one drawback of buying a used old car is that it may look outdated. This time Otospector will discuss several ways to turn a used car into a new one by giving the right touch. Want to know? Let’s look at the full review below.

Body and Glass Polishing

One of the biggest enemies of a used car that makes it look dull is faded paint and no longer clear window glass. If the two exterior parts of your car are still in good condition, the step to make it appear new is enough to simply polish. You can process the polish or polish the surface of the paint and windshield independently at home. The process starts from the washing stage then polishing with a special glass and body polishing fluid. The process is a bit complicated and also takes a long time, so you have to be extra patient. Another easier way, you can enter your used car into the car salon. Usually for this process, you have to give up the car to be put in for one day. Costs that you need to spend generally range from 500 thousand to Rp1 million depending on the size of the car.

Repaint the Car

Step modification of a used car on this one you need to do if the condition of the paint has peeled or broken. In addition to improving the surface condition of the car, the color of your used vehicle will be fresher and shiny so the appearance can resemble a new condition. After the process of painting the car back, it helps you take the next step, body wax. For those of you who are still a little confused, wax is not the same as the polish process. Doing wax on the car means providing protection to prevent the color of the paint from quickly fading. The wax is applied evenly to the surface of the car, helping to emit the color and shine of the car. In addition, the liquid also functions as a sun block so that the car that has just been painted is not easily dull.

Change the Exterior Style

Giving a different and new nuance to a used car you can do by adding a body kit to the car. Generally this additional kit is mounted on the bottom and side of the car. There are also people who install the wings on the back so that the car looks sporty. Other used car modifications on the exterior that are quite often done is to replace the wheels with a modern and sporty look. The choice of racing wheels with chrome color will add a new and stylish impression to the car. Other colors like white and black are often used as choices. Not only wheels can make used cars look new in an instant. Replacing the front and rear lights by using the latest design can be done. The appearance of a used car can suddenly become fierce and more interesting to look at.

Change the Interior Style

It is a big mistake if you only focus on modifying the exterior. So that a used car can look new, you can also apply polish to an outdated car interior. The interior is often age-consuming such as steering wheel, transmission lever, up to the car seat you can replace with the latest style. There are many places that you can use to beautify and change these parts in a custom way. Generally the old used car interior parts are replaced with classic and elegant leather material. This one method will definitely make your vehicle look new and also increase your driving comfort.

Upgrade Entertainment Devices and Features

Maybe in his day, a used car that you have is the coolest vehicle and many people covet. But in an increasingly sophisticated era like this, cars output in the 90s are outdated, if you look at the technology used. You should not be discouraged, because the modification of a used car by upgrading audio, sound system, and features is now being done. The first example is an entertainment device. Used cars output in the 90s to early 2000s, still using old school tape types with cassettes or CDs. You can replace your car tape with one that is equipped with a touch screen device, AUX cable plug, and USB to play music. In addition to entertainment devices that are already modern, there are several features or other facilities that are not owned by used and old school cars. An example is a GPS device and a car’s back camera to simplify the parking process. Both of them you can add to your used car. Before you make modifications, you should reconsider if you want to make permanent modifications, because permanent modifications will reduce the selling price of your car going forward. Why? Because the dealer or showroom wants the car they are buying as original as possible. The more original components the better. No need to worry if the modification is not permanent, as long as you keep the original component that is replaced, the modification will not reduce the selling price.