What To Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents are scary and stressful. Even a mild fender bender can have some long-lasting repercussions. If you’ve recently been in a car accident you might feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done now. From contacting insurance to taking care of yourself and your car, there is a lot to remember. Here is a quick checklist of things you should do after a car accident. 

File a Claim

Once you have left the scene of the accident, police have filed reports, and you and any passengers have been checked out by a medical team, the first thing to do is file a claim with your insurance. This can be done online or over the phone, but it should be done as quickly as possible. 

Find an Auto Body Shop

Even mild car accidents tend to leave scratches, dents, and other damage to your vehicle. Search an “auto body shop near me” and start calling around to see who will work with your insurance to begin fixing your car. If there is significant damage that will take time to fix, be sure to ask about insurance paying for a rental car if necessary. Either your insurance or the other driver’s insurance should cover the majority of the repair costs, but you still have say in which business fixes your car, so make sure you do your research. 

Be Aware of Late-Onset Pain

Sometimes injuries and pain from a car accident don’t show up until a few days later. Make sure you stay aware of your body and get additional medical help as needs arise. You can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you pay for a chiropractor, physical therapy, or other rehabilitation services. Even if the pain is manageable, it’s a good idea to get it checked out. A small unchecked injury can result in a much larger issue later on.